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Hello \(*U_U*)/ !
This blog is all about some of the things that go through my mind .. Try to find yourself into music and what makes you happy and

Be free to dream ..

^_^ Superwholock,anime, One Direction. also diversity of fandoms !!! \O/ :3 . follow for follow :)


Do you ever just crave the sound of someone’s voice and their touch because that’s how I feel rn


the US is unreal like girls cant wear shorts to school, you can literally lose your job for being gay, and unarmed black children are brutally murdered on the regular but white ppl r still like “what a beautiful country. i can freely carry a gun for no reason and some of our mountains look like presidents. god bless”



one time when my dad was in college these guys found a carpet on the sidewalk and they needed furniture for their dorm so they were like “hell yeah free carpet” and they carried the carpet upstairs and it was really wet and heavy so they unrolled it to let it dry and a dead body fell out




when you make a joke and everyone laughs

Harry&Louis in This Is Us.
So I accidently took this picture. And I think I just made this couple in the front a pretty wedding picture . Majestic